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Thread: New Quilt holder.

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    New Quilt holder.

    A friend's wife is a quilter, her daughter is getting married and so she wanted a quilt holder, but "not those fancy ones or cutie ones you build"... Tell me more...

    Her bedroom is plain white with beadboard on the headboard and the chest as well... so I designed this simple Quilt holder. The legs are 6/4 and the rails are 4/4 and the rods are 1" dia.

    With my weakness in my hands gettting worse, painting has become a problem. I tried a brush but culdn't hold it properly. Then tried spray cans but couldn't hold down the spray button, so I got one of those gun type handles and could hold it with both hands. But not two days in a row.

    Sorry for the poor picture but my daughter borrowed my good camera so I brought this hulk out of retirement,

    Hope you like the design, Have had several requests for similar... Will have to wait till this weakness issue is resolved.

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    Nicely done Bill - I like that it was designed to compliment a specific decor.
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    Very nice!

    So this would hold three quilts?
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    Nice Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Very nice!

    So this would hold three quilts?
    Thanks, I suspect as Beefy as it is, it will hold as many as you want to pile up on it. But there are three rods so I guess it best displays three. (I took several pictures at different angles and in each of them the third rod was hidden by another... Of course I am inapt at photog)

    Oh, BTW.... There are no metal fasteners, just joinery and glue. (can't tell with the paint & all... )
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    looks like it will match just fine bill, as for the hand troubles what about a small spray gun setup, like a earlex or similiar? the finger pressure isnt that hard and your fingers could trade off if needed..
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    Im sorry to hear about your hand problems. tough deal when you woodwork.
    rack looks great. nice clean work. thanx for sharing it.

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    quilt rack

    Nice work Bill...always nice to see good projects finished. Painting is something I really don't like to do either. If I use a paint brush I could paint with a broom and it wouldn't look any different. If I use a spray can when I get close to running out of paint the spray burps and splats the paint all over. And Of course numerous other things in the immediate area receive a light coat of an unwanted color. So sometimes a natural finish looks just fine, just have to be a little more selective about the wood. Sometimes when a project is made for someone else they are willing to do the cosmetics. Just keep the projects coming.
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    Now that is my idea of a quilt rack. Nice and stout.

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    Not all woodwork requires fine finishes and high gloss.

    To me that looks like an excellent project and I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it.

    sorry to hear about your hands, and hope things get better for you as you go along!....
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