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Thread: Saturday's Auction

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    Saturday's Auction

    Well i picked up a couple draw knives. $25

    One of them has an adjustable cutting edge. Guessing so you could adjust how high you want the handles?

    I also picked up something else, but it will remain anonymous for now.

    There was a #39 dado that went for $35, but I backed out as it was missing to much stuff. #8 corrugated went for $30, also backed out on that one. My arch nemesis was bidding and I heard that was all he wanted.

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    Good going Steve. But i want to see you use some of these tools. What about showing us the cleaned up versions from a few auctions ago. Think we gotta talk to loyl and have her have a chat with you on soaking up all this stuff from the auctions. You planning on opening some big barn old tool store?

    Hey those draw knives are infectious things when you get them sharpened. The one Frank sent me got me making shavings all night long. Took a 2X4 and it ended up as a thin stick.

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    Rob, right now school is soaking up all my time. And I mean all. Never did I think it would be this rough. Long term should be Ok, but right now, terrible.

    Most of what I buy just gets sat on the shelf for now. I do have a #3, #4 and #5 that I can use. Nothing pretty but usable. Found that I like the #3 better than the #4. Size fits me better. Winter project is to have all of them tuned. I have a whole list for the winter, probably only 1/3 will get done.

    One other thing I wanted to add. If somebody ever needs something and wants me to pick it up, all they have to do is ask. If I come across a #4 and you have told me you are looking for one, then it goes to that person. I don't care if it is a #2 Sweetheart still in the box. Long as you are a user and do not plan to resale, I will help a person out. Just give me a price range and we can go from there. The next saw vice comes your way Rob.
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