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Thread: Advice to new pen turners.

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    Advice to new pen turners.

    Just a note to anyone new that is a silly as I am. I wanted some BOW that I called Olive Wood from Israel. (Until I got the buzz word from here it's "BOW" thanks guys)

    Any way I ordered mine from Ebay and it was pre cut and bored blanks, which sounded good to me. I didn't think that if the blanks were this short that there would be no way to line up the grain. Now I think some of the wood has been stunning and a couple looked real good together(one of which I managed to blow out). I like the pens I have made but always order full length blanks so you can cut them your self and try and match the wood. Price seems to basically be the same...

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    Gary, there are a few woods that allow shorts to be matched up fairly well. The grain has to be crazy. I stuck some birdseye maple shorts in the pen blank swap box that were cut from the same (short) block of wood. I doubt you could tell they are not from same blank.
    Otherwise I totally agree. A pen just doesn't look good when the 2 halves don't match. (in my humble opinion)
    I will be finally shipping out the pen blank box tomorrow before I head up North for another round of barn building so I want to get it in the mail before I'm gone for another week+.
    I'm a certifiable tree hugger. (it's a poor mans way of determining DBH before cutting the tree down)

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