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Thread: Blue Devils - Space Music

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    Blue Devils - Space Music

    This is just a warmup for the brass line of a drum and bugle coprs, but it's pretty amazing musicianship. Listen in stereo, preferably with good headphones. I played trumpet in marching band for a few years in school, but we weren't bathing in awesome like these guys are.!/video/vid...=1585137474597
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    Music is awesome, but you have to wait until about 1:00 in for it to get really good...

    Just wish there was some kind of baton twirler leading the action instead of the fat guy in baggy shorts...
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    brent, you better be careful or you will be feeling a baton up side your head with comments like that
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    My cousin that died recently was a well known figure in Drum Corps. He had worked with and performed in them all his life basically. He was writing mostly for the two Drum Corp magazines that last couple of years. I remember hearing him talk about the 'top' teams, the Blue Devils were definitely one of them.
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    I love music and wish I had a modicrum of talent in that area.... I have basically a "tin" ear and can't play any instrument, can't sing (my son once poked me in church and in a very loud stage whisper said (Dad, Dad, don't sing you sound terrible).

    When I took the basic battery of test on joing the navy, they did the radio test which is three tones and you pick which is different.... I guessed at all of them... most of them sounded the same to me.... (I still wound up a radioman)
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    Did they really have radios on the May-Flower?
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    still sings!

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