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Thread: Men at Work... or at least Boys

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    Men at Work... or at least Boys

    The boys and I, mainly me, decided to make some bowls this weekend. We have 2 walnut and 1 cherry. They are very proud of their work and look forward to the next time.
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    How cool is that? Great pic, Pete.
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    Yeah! great pic. Bowls look darn good too.

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    great pic pete and be real glad your sons are interested in something that you are!!!! and do everything you can to keep them interested but let them have some rein so they can do there own thing as well.. who knows they might be the next hollow form artist in the area or some other aspect of turning..dont force feed them it doesnt work...
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    Way to go, Pete. The boys look like they are pround and you should be too.

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