Hey Folks,

We just recently got back from our summer vacation. We have family in Halifax, NS and took a trip out there to visit. On the way back we drove via the US, so we went through New Brunswick, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York, and finally home to Ontario.

As I was driving in NY I was reflecting on how the landscape changed along our route.

New Brunswick is very hilly and rocky, with incredibly thick conifer forests along the highways. Nova Scotia was similar, though not quite as hilly. There were also Birch and Maple, but it was predominately coniferous.
As we transitioned into Maine the area we drove through (Hwy 9 to Bangor, and then I-95 down to Portsmouth) seemed more scrubby, and less dense, but still mostly conifers.

We barely touched NH (spent the night in Manchester) and then into Massachusetts where the forests were again very dense, but almost entirely deciduous. In NY, going west on I-90 all the way to Buffalo, the forests and landscape changed again. The further west we got, the flatter it was, and the more cultivated farmland that surrounded us.

I just thought it was interesting to note the changes as we drove.