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Thread: need ideas

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    need ideas

    This request for ideas is a very personal matter to me.
    In 1996 our son, Brent, died unexpectedly from natural causes at age 27.
    We got permission from the funeral home to plant a tree in his memory.
    The tree was a special Sugar Maple, also known as Fire Maple.
    We picked that because he was a writer and did some promotion for a band that had a signature song called the Fire Maple Song, it was Brent's favorite.
    A couple years ago I did some pruning on the tree to give it better shape. Then I tossed a branch into one of the dark recesses of my shop to dry and, subsequently, forgot about it. Last week, while doing some shop rearranging I discovered it. Fortunately I had it labeled or wouldn't have remembered what it was.
    It is about 3 1/2' long and less than 2" in diameter.
    Now, I would like to do something with it but am stuck for ideas. Pens for friends and relatives comes to mind but other suggestions would be welcome. I didn't post this in lathe land because any ideas are welcome, spinny or otherwise.
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    You have made some great rolling pins in the past frank, that would make a few of those for some special people Do look forward to see what you come with cause it will come from the heart and be awesome

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    Maybe a handle for a tool you cherish and use often. As it would come to hand, you'd have a tactile reminder....and it could change with you over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken werner View Post
    Maybe a handle for a tool you cherish and use often. As it would come to hand, you'd have a tactile reminder....and it could change with you over time.
    Great idea
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    +1 on the tool handle.

    Handle for a kitchen knife for your wife?

    can't really think of anything flat, other than some small keepsake box?

    Maybe a pendant?
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    How about a small candle stand? A bit of fire involved.

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    A wooden spoon?

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    +1 on the tool handle...something precious to use everyday

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    my first thought was to make a flute out of it for your renactment times frank and the music could be part of his past life,, but i think the tool handle and the other thing for the misses is a better idea,, would cover both bases rather than just one.. but in any case make sure that your other siblings know of this so it can be passed on and not lost in the shuffle.. sometimes us younger people dont the relevant thoughts of our parents keepsakes..
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