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Thread: water stones

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    water stones

    How long does it normally take for water stones to dry out, the temperature here is mid to high 70's? I have taken mine out of their water reservoir to dry out so I can store them which may be in an unheated area.
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    i guess you could use the weight of the stones approach like they do for wood being dry bart..wouldnt dare give you a time and have the freeze and break
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    Good question Bart

    I think Larry has the best answer, weigh it when it comes out of the water and call it dry when it stops losing weight

    I think it would depend a lot on the stone's size etc too
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    Gee Bart, it is still August. Are you expecting an early freeze here?

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    Bill said what I was thinking. Maybe you shouldn't store em where they freeze. I once had a bucket of stones freeze solid. When I thawed them out, the only one that broke was [of course] the finest at 6K. Anyway, I think when they feel dry, they're probably dry enough, but I'm just guessing, and after my experience, I never did leave them in an unheated shop again.

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    Would that depend on the humidity? You can take the stones out but they will only dry out to what ever the humidity is in the room. Of course the colder it gets the less humid it becomes. If you were to seal them in tupperware after they dry out could they still break because you've sealed them in with whatever humidity was in the room when you sealed them. I think I would store them so they could breath (ie. react to room humidity) by wrapping them in newspaper or whatever and in a normal cardboard box. Just a thought....

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