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    Post up a problem

    I can usually get through most any finishing problem when confronted with one.

    This morning I ran into a common problem; "Hot Spots" Sealing just about any wood you can run into this problem. Areas that will not dry for one reason or another. I will not get into them now.
    I will take Lacquer thinner on a rag and let the rag air out for a minute of 2, then briskly with the rag open run it over the entire surface. The wet areas will try to grab the rag if it is to wet so be prepared to move through it quickly until the rag is at the point of a good slide.
    this will help the finish to dry out quick.
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    Good tip Dave! Filing away...When I get into the new shop, one of my goals is to build a finish room as well as my finishing skills...Thanks!

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    thanks dave for the info
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