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Thread: just when you thought you couldn't make it up fast enough...

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    just when you thought you couldn't make it up fast enough...

    On a rainy Wednesday morning, straphangers seize their consciousness from a freshly sliced bagel with cream cheese and a cup of piping hot coffee.
    But with New York's budget mired in red territory, the state's Department of Taxation and Finance is ramping up its audits on a subtle food tax policy. CBS 2 New York breaks down the issue that is threatening to slice one upstate bagel chain's bank account -- what constitutes a prepared food item?

    For three years, Bruegger's Bagels looked past a punch to consumers' wallets -- if an item is handled or eaten in a store, it has a tax attached to it. Now, they've hired an attorney to fight off three years of backed-bagel taxes. As the New York Post writes, the slicing fee adds almost 10 percent to a patron's receipt at any local food oulet. Either the customer takes the hit at the exit, or the business takes the hit for forgetting the charge.

    CBS 2 New York dove into some other common situations that may affect your morning rush. Buy a cup of coffee that you pour yourself and it's tax free. Buy one that's filled by a store employee behind the counter, and pay that aforementioned tax. Select a whole cake from your local grocery store, and pay a flat rate. Purchase a slice of cake from a pastry shop's cold case, and serve up a few more pennies.
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    And they wonder why people like me are high-tailing it OUt of state? Is it July yet?

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    Crazy politics and high taxes is why we high-tailed it out of California (a state this native swore she would never, ever leave about 30 years ago). I guess, never say never. Just leave and weep.

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    its just part of politics and how they like paying there bills with others money..there are many similar stories i am sure if we were told the rest of the many other states.. ours has its hidden spots as well.
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    Back in the nineties in an amusement park we had to program the point of sale system for all sorts of gotchas for taxing pastries. Less than a dozen single items (cookies, danishes) had to be taxed, a dozen or more were considered a bulk/family purchase. Loaves that were sliced were taxed, whole ones weren't. There were other things too regarding candy, but these were the ones I remembered.
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    If they start taxing toilet paper if you use it in the bathroom, Im in a whole lotta trouble.
    I could live without the bagels.
    I love NY State. (no sarcasm here, I really love NY state)

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