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Thread: Greene and Greene fans take a look

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    Greene and Greene fans take a look

    Hi All

    I still am determined to prove to all that you can make a living from woodworking if you do it right and work on your marketing.

    Check out this Greene & Greene gallery of a guy that makes awesome stuff. Check out his site, oh and Larry check out the Walnut slabs he has been involved with.

    Design can be a huge differentiator. So can the wood choice.

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    "There’s a lot of work being done today that doesn’t have any soul in it. The technique may be the utmost perfection, yet it is lifeless. It doesn’t have a soul. I hope my furniture has a soul to it." - Sam Maloof
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    He's showing some great-looking work, but just to play the devil's advocate, what evidence is there that he's making a good living at this? His work is indeed nice and and has won some awards, but do you really think he's selling enough of it to net $60K or more per year? He might be making a living, but I'd bet it's not putting the kids through college or paying for retirement. And marketing? Where? His website sure doesn't look professionally designed...what other marketing does he appear to be doing?

    I'm not disagreeing with you, just wondering how you drew your conclusions that he's making a living at it and doing good marketing.
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    Some neat stuff there. Ironically, last Fall when we were deciding on a design for our fireplace mantel, the fireplace that's on his website is one I had saved the picture of for consideration. My dear wife wasnt' as keen on the G&G stuff as I was, so being the good little electron that I am, I followed the path of least resistance and did something else.
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    I agree with Vaughn.

    There is little indication he is actually selling his pieces for the amounts listed. Outside of the commission in Milwaukee which he has wisely exploited, are there any other jobs/testimonials?

    And his picture with Sam Maloof. That may impress Sam Maloof fans, but it says little about his craftsmanship. I have a picture of Sam and me. I don't use it to garner commissions.

    One more thing, his work is lovely and very stylized. But it doesn't communicate flexibility for the customer's taste. Greene and Greene has a wide variety of mutations. Personally I like Darrel Peart's work better, but not enough to emulate him either. And I like Greene and Greene, or Prairie, or Arts and Crafts, or Craftsman, what every name is tagged with it.

    So far, what I know for sure, is that he is capable of winning awards and getting some publicity. Those are not bad things, but they are also not bank deposits.

    One more thing, just to fuel the fires. There is a difference between customers and patrons. Customers buy products. Patrons collect art, and often artists. Great if you are one of their favorites. Not so great, if you are not.

    Last thing. The most important thing about being in business is knowing who your customer is, how much they will spend, and where to find them. And then like Scott, build to suit them.

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