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Thread: A Nuther weekend is upon us

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    A Nuther weekend is upon us

    So whatcha got planed.
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    Heading to storage Saturday to get some empty boxes to start packing stuff we don't really need out. Taking it somewhat easy as I stretched a tendon in my arm (Tennis Elbow)...curling too many barley pops lately I guess. Starting to feel better even after a couple of days, but just have to keep the brace on and remember not to over do it.

    Might head out to the range, after the next couple of weekends I probably won't be going for a while. Might do some reloading to use up the rest of my powders and some supplies so I don't have to pack them.

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    desk is almost finished. Just have to make some cove moulding for the base. Tomorrow I'll start finishing with Don's BLO recipe. Should have it done by Monday or Tuesday.

    Saturday is my granddaughter Emily's 2nd birthday party. Most all my kids and grand kids will be there
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    I'll be taking down some gutters, replacing the facia and rehaning the gutters...sounds like fun huh!?

    Hopefully, there will be some shop time on Sunday...I need to get some things ready for an event I have next month.
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    Tonight, house full of 10 yr olds. Gator is having a sleep over. I will probably be out by the fire pit, enjoying the cool night air.

    Saturday, auction. Should be a good one. Actually 3 of them Sat. Need to pick the one I want to go to. Might do some pre-shopping tonight.

    Sunday church, and then start cleaning on the shop and homework is in there somewhere.

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    working tonight and tomorrow, then working on a design for a wine cabinet for my nephew, and going to the fair.
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    Went in to work for about 2 hours this am, back home to take the Mrs. to take care of a problem with her incision that opened up. Dr. went in and cleaned it out good, then closed her back up...had to be knocked out for it. Less than 4 hours from garage back to garage. I'll take the rest of the day off to be here to watch her per Drs orders. Working on the first drop in for the multifunction table. I've built 3 mobile units that roll in, now the first of many drop in units. This one is for the Kreg Jig. Need to remember when I build my assembly table to incorporate the Kreg clamping system into it for assembling face frames. Some how, I see that table being very complicated for everything I want it to do.
    I get to play chauffeur for my wife tomorrow night to her music teacher group's annual meeting. Sunday hopefully in the shop finishing up the Kreg table. Have a great weekend! Jim.
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    I'll be in Malibu both days, hoping the weather cools off like they're saying it will...

    Artfest of Malibu
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    I'm going on week 2 of my back being out but it is better every day. I will have to go hang out at LOML's house to keep myself from trying to do too much and ticking it off again like I did last weekend. West and we-waxation for me this weekend.
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    Already? Haven't even thunk about tomorrow.
    Got some wood today I might experiement with on the spinner tomorrow.
    Church Sunday. Wife comes back, will have to listen to her.
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