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Thread: Best Power Tool Deal You've Ever Gotten?

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    Best Power Tool Deal You've Ever Gotten?

    1) What's the best deal you EVER got on a NEW power tool?
    2) How'd you find it?

    Spill it. Gloat your face off. I want to know who here's gotten the best deal of all time
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    Last year I got a Delta X5 6" jointer for $321.99. Plus free mobile base and free shipping. I think I saw a post on the creek about it. It was $521.99 minus $100 Delta rebate minus $100 Amazon rebate. Now it's going for $649 without the mobile base:

    I was going to get an 8" but I couldn't pass up that deal.

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    Boy that's a tough one ...

    60 Gallon 6hp CH air compressor: $150

    1947 Crapsman lathe: Free

    8" G0586 Grizzly jointer: Xmas bonus from work paid for it.

    10" Crapsman RAS: Bought for $100. Sold for $150, a year later.

    10" Dewalt 703 chopsaw: $130 - $25 rebate from amazon - free 2nd day shipping (prime)

    Dewalt 734 planer: 260 - $50 rebate card - free 2nd day shipping (prime) on a 95lb tool!!

    I've had better wood scores than tool scores, though....

    2 1/2" thick, 43" wide, 99" long bowling alley slab. about 300lbs of 1" maple strips with 30 or so hardened twist nails per strip. FREE

    10-12' long 12/4 maple "rippings" - about 120 sticks, maybe 2"-4" wide each. Paid $100 for a pallet of about 300. Got my 120, sold the rest for $80. Sold $20 more two days later. So 100 sticks for FREE.

    3 slabs of claro walnut, 3" thick, about 80lbs total of smaller pieces for turning blanks. Wet as all heck. FREE.

    ... and countless other freebies in the wood dept.
    Jason Beam
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    I bought the 6" X5 jointer at the same time, but when they shipped it to me, it had a dent in the BACk of the cabinet about the size of a quarter. Contacted Amazon and they refunded me 75 bux. Paid somewhere in the neighbor hood of $250.

    Also took advantage of (sheepishly, I might ad ) an Amazon typo on a 12" Makita Sliding Compound Miter Saw...paid a whopping $58 , that's right 5-8. Not surprisingly, they sent me a malfunctioned saw, but Amazon customer service has treated me good. They sent out another new one.

    I am self-admittedly cheap (although I like to call it being a "smart consumer"), and HATE paying retail prices. I probably waste more time looking for deals that i don't get too far ahead. Feels good when I do find that great sale though!


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    Don Taylor just sent me a new Shopsmith sanding disc for nothing. Now that is hard to beat.
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    Table Saw

    I picked up my zip code table saw new in crate off of ebay for $400 +free shipping...
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    a little over a year ago Lowes was clearing out their Jet tools and had the Jet Contractor saw on sale for $399. I told my son about it who worked at another lowes store and he said offer em $150. I went back the next day and negoeciated with the dept. Manager for $250 new in the box. The saw retails for $750.
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    Mine's not as good as some of those listed here....but......

    HD recently discontinued the Ryobi oscillating spindle sander. It had been $99. The price dropped to $69, but the only one in stock was the display and it needed a cleaning and was missing the starter set of sanding sleeves. I tried negotiating with the manager for a further discount but he would not budge. Two weeks later it was still there and had been marked down to $29.

    It now has a new home.
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    Two items come to mind. Both are DeWalts - a DW733 Planer and their Laminate Trimmer Kit (the one with the 3 different bases).
    The Planer I got for something like 235 IIRC. At the time they'd only been out about 8 months or so and the best price you find online was about $330. So the local Home Quarters store (since defunct) had a 15% all Dewalt stuff sale which brought the local price pretty close to online sellers. I had to make a trip to HD for some stuff I knew Home Quarters didn't have. Just in the interest of saving another stop on the way home, I asked HD if they'd match HQ's 15% off sale. They decided they'd match it but not go the additional discount like they normally do. No problem sez I. To my amazement, they totally fouled up how they wrote the thing up and when rang up at the cashier it came out $235. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and get it out to the car.

    The Laminate Trimmer kit I got for something like $65 from an online seller (I forget which one now, but not Amazon) due to another amazing vendor foul-up. One of the 3 bases in the kit was defective. They were out of more full kits but had the separate base so shipped me that. You guessed it. They ended up processing a refund for the entire trimmer kit and charging me for the cost of the replacement base.
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    Probably my best power tool deal would be the Porter Cable 352VS belt sander that I got from FW member Rob Bodenschatz last December.

    Sander: Free
    Shipping: Free
    Being part of a great group of woodworkers: Priceless

    I think my most costly tool deal was the little Wilton mini lathe I bought last year for about $80 (plus a $20 gift certificate) on Amazon. The lathe was only $80 out of pocket, but since then I've bought chisels, a grinder, sharpening jigs, a bigger lathe, chucks, faceplates, chainsaw, more chisels, a hollowing rig, a tool rest, more chisels, and turning blanks. Then more chisels and more turning blanks.
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