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Thread: Excellent Book on Veneering $10

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    Excellent Book on Veneering $10

    Dont know where to put this anyhow here seemed fine.

    Anyone interested in veneer work or getting into it, here is a good book that at $10 is a steal. Not a new publication but the knowledge is the same.

    Thank goodness for embedded links that link was a mile long.

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    That's a good book on veneering but the one I prefer is "Woodworker's Guide to Veneering and Inlay" by Jonathan Benson. About $16.50 new.

    For more decorative veneer work, I like the Marquetry Course. Not available new any more, but reasonably priced used. Also, Paul Schurch's two DVDs are quite good but expensive.

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    What would we do without books eh Mike.

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    another addition to the GET list.. thanks rob and mike for the info
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    The latest Issue of Popular Woodworking (october issue) has an coupla great articles on veneering also.
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