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Thread: I didn't know golfers are playng with fire

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    I didn't know golfers are playng with fire

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    That happened in Sparks nevada last year too. Guy got a little of course and hit a rock and sparked a fire. It gets pretty darn dry out here in the west and doesn't take a whole lot to get a big brush fire going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    That happened in Sparks nevada last year too...
    Well, duh. Just look at the name of the place.
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    That's one way of clearing the rough..
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    Did he get a 1 stroke penalty for improving his lie
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    Watch a Titanium driver, if there are small pebbles in the ground it strikes during the swing they throw a lot of sparks.

    As far as a swing in the rough starting a fire --- possible.

    Much more probable is a golfing smoker throwing his butt down to make a swing. Starting a fire and using the sparking club idea as an excuse.

    Now I am not calling anyone anything with this but I have played a lot of golf and the ratio of smoking golfers to sparking club swings is about

    298,738,641 / 1

    Draw your own conclusions.
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