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Thread: Malibu Show Pics

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    Malibu Show Pics

    As some of you know, I did an art show in Malibu this past weekend. I figured I share a few pics. (OK, quite a few pics.) The show was slow both days, with pretty thin crowds. Saturday was particularly dismal for nearly all the vendors, but by the end of Sunday, nearly everyone I talked to had done OK overall. I also did (just) OK and made more than my entry fee, but didn't do as well as I did at the Malibu show in June. Nonetheless, it was great weather both days, and I had a good time with interesting and entertaining booth neighbors. This was my first solo show. My booth bunny had a wedding shower to attend Saturday, and wasn't feeling well Sunday, so I did both days by myself. Things were slow enough that it wasn't a problem leaving the booth unattended for bathroom and food breaks. (Booth neighbors tend to watch out for each other.)

    As before, this show had a lot of good, high-end art. Just in my immediate area were four different sculptors, all with pieces ranging from the mid $100s into four figures. All but one sold enough to pay for the show, plus some. (At their price points, they are somewhat accustomed to having shows where they sell nothing. They make up for the bad shows with good shows where they sell thousands of dollars worth of work.) I sold a few small pieces and one of my main showcase pieces. The big bowl was purchased by a young college-aged kid...someone who I'd not expect to be interested in buying one of my most expensive pieces. He walked into the booth, looked around for no more than a minute or two, then asked the price on that bowl. I told him, and he started pulling $20 bills out of his wallet without hesitation. Although he didn't make it by my booth, Jon Lovitz bought a piece from one of my neighbors, and Pierce Brosnan was also at the show (although I didn't see him).

    As I mentioned above, I have a few pics to show, so let's get on with it...

    The obligatory booth shots:

    Attachment 48808 Attachment 48809 Attachment 48810

    And just in case Larry happens to see it in the background, I figured I should show this one a bit closer:

    Attachment 48811

    (I still need to get some better studio shots of that chocolate platter, and when I do, I'll post a new thread about it.)

    And a couple of crowd shots. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the throngs of people...

    Attachment 48812 Attachment 48813

    My booth neighbor to the west was Roberto Gutierrez, a Colombian sculptor based out of Phoenix, who does very cool cast bronze work. I took more pics of his stuff than my own. He specializes in muscular human forms, often climbing or suspended in various ways. Here's part of his booth...

    Attachment 48814

    And a few pieces...

    The lady in the "mirror"...

    Attachment 48815 actually two matching ladies and a piece of glass:

    Attachment 48816

    This lazy guy is holding an apple on a string:

    Attachment 48817

    More pics in the next post...
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    Some more pics of Roberto's work...

    The shadow people (the shadows are black steel):

    Attachment 48818

    Steel-bending gymnasts:

    Attachment 48819

    Suspended gymnast:

    Attachment 48820

    The diver (the glass is suspended by the figure):

    Attachment 48821

    The backstroke (the rim of the "pool" is suspended from a single point on the swimmer's toe):

    Attachment 48822

    Some small wall climbers:

    Attachment 48823

    And a detail shot of a climber:

    Attachment 48825

    You may have noticed a large sculpture of a gymnast suspended in a copper hoop in the first pic of Roberto's booth above. I helped him load it up after the show. The bottom of the hoop has a square tube that fits into the display base, but the hoop can be removed from the base and plugged into a receiver welded to the trailer hitch on his van. I thought it was a brilliant solution, since the hoop is too big to fit inside the van. He pads it with pillows and covers it with a tarp before strapping everything down tight so it can't move. As we were plugging it into the trailer hitch, I said "Roberto, most people settle for a bumper sticker. I think you're going a bit overboard with a bumper sculpture."

    Attachment 48824

    He's a great guy, and I'm looking forward to running into him at future shows. Check out some of the other work he's done here:
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    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Glad the show was somewhat successful for you. Your work is amazing
    The brass sculptures are pretty cool. Very talented guy.
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    Sounds like you have had more fun than sales. That is not bad either. At least you got the entry fee back.

    Those sculptures must look awesome upclose as they look great from the pics.

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    glad you broke even vaughn,, what makes one so hot and the next one a dud??? the waether looked great and they must advertize if the big wigs showed up, the star people you mentioned????
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Looks like a good day overall. I think the folks who consider their show results on an average over time are thinking about it right. If every show was "great" you should probably be in a gallery and cranking out stuff full tilt. Glad it was a good day and it looked like a good time.
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    Very cool pics Vaughn. Thanks for sharing!
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    Great shots of both yours and your neighbor's booth... he is very talented.

    Glad you weekend ended on a positive note... loved the shots of the Malibu hills... I haven't been in Malibu in over 40 years... some fond memories of the short time I lived in LA... but it wasn't my favorite place to live in CA... much preferred the Bay Area.
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    Good to hear that the show wasn't a complete dud. Of course, weather like that and getting to see others art is a pretty good weekend too. Great pics.

    So did any of the dyed pieces sell?

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    (Said in a Jon Lovitz voice) ....

    Vaughn had a pretty good show....yeah that's it, that's the ticket!
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