Hi All

Well as you all know i got Carols book. Been busy studying just like ole Steve. So I am fascinated by the inlay kit idea. But my studies show me that i need to be way more selective in my router bits than i have been.

So i finally invested in a 1/4 carbide cutter. Was not going to get a kit because i discovered something i want to share with you that can save you a fair amount of coin depending on what you already got.

I have a template kit, i do some research and see LV sells an inlay kit. But it gets better. In my template kit i already got the template the right size.

So what i want to share is if you want to do some inlay routing, have a 7/16 template and the 1/4 carbide cutter you can purchase their template routing collar on its own for $5.95 Canadian. See here.

This is way cheaper than buying the kit and the template and bit as it is sold most of the time.

Now to try it out.