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Thread: Dr's Report

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    Dr's Report

    Went to V.A. for once over. Nothing bad goin' on same old aches and pains.

    One bit of good news, though.

    January, 2009 Weight 304 Obviously had to do something.

    Decided to cut down on food and get a little more exercize. The hospital stay in 2009 helped me get down to about 288.

    Today, I was really surprized 267! Slow, but steady is working!!!!!

    Another two years and I should hit my target. What's been great about this method is NO PLATFORMING and I still eat the goodies, just much less of them..

    Over the years, I have tried many things to lose weight, but no success.

    HOPE IT continues to work, even if it takes longer!

    Bruce Shiverdecker - Retired Starving Artist ( No longer a Part timer at Woodcraft, Peoria, Il.)

    "The great thing about turning is that all you have to do is remove what's not needed and you have something beautiful. Nature does the hard part!"

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    Good for you Bruce. Daily exercise.........put both hands on the dinner table and push away.

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    Good luck on the weight loss. I am sure it is tough.
    "Folks is funny critters."

    Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too. ~Voltaire

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    Excellent. You'll live longer and get around easier without the extra baggage. Congrats!
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C. Clarke

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    good job bruce that means we are gonna be blessed with you for alot longer and if i get back down that way i can your extra portion of goodies
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
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    Great job Bruce. Sure is tough but it's worth it.

    I'm doing the same thing. No eating in between meals, gave up soda and alcohol, cut way down on portion sizes. Not sure how much I've lost because the bathroom scale upstairs just screams in pain every time I stand on it.
    Down 2 pant sizes though
    I actually ate whole wheat bread the other day My wife is still in shock
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    That weight loss is really good to hear. I know from experience of some close to me and myself it is hard to do. Keep it up!


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
    Vince Lombardi

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    Way to go Bruce!! we will support you - not nag you!!
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
    still sings!

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