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Thread: New pics of my shop

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    New pics of my shop

    Damn that Amazon, I got a new camera in the mail today So I figured I'd snap some new pics of the shop.

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    Thanks Bill, I enjoyed the slideshow of your looks like you use your shop and that makes a guy feel right at home.
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    Hey Bill,
    Steve took the words right out of my mouth. So many shop shots look like the equipment has never made any dust - yours is clearly a working shop. Saw lots of things I liked, overarm blade guard for TS, miter hood, etc.

    Was that a Domino in image 11?? Whaddaya think about it?
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    Homey huh? I knew I shudda vacuumed before I snapped those pics.

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    Yes, and I like it...what else do you want to know

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    Alan DuBoff is offline Former Member (by the member's request)
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    Nice looking bandsaw, what type is it?

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    Nice shop and a nice collection of Festool Systainers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan DuBoff View Post

    Nice looking bandsaw, what type is it?

    That's a cheapo Reliant 14" bandsaw w/riser....a clone of the HF one. It's probably the last large tool that "has" to be upgraded.

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    I noticed the Esposito quick tension lever on the bandsaw. I have your plans for it but have not been using my bandsaw lately so have put off building one. I need to put that higher on my list that is for sure.

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    Nice to see another shop that is STUFFED with stuff

    Thanks for the tour Bill!
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