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Thread: Is this Wood Vice O.K. ?

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    Is this Wood Vice O.K. ?

    My local hardware store has a 7" wood vice . Its the only one they have in stock. I was wondering if any of you guys are familar with vices , a USA company in Cleveland that manufactors this vice. Recently I guess Wilton bought out Columbian. Anyway, it is priced at 49.99 . Additionally it is model 33178 and is described as a light-duty woodworkers vice on a web page that also sells it at almost half the price the hardware store is asking.

    I know one can spend hundreds of dollars on a wood vice. I am just starting out and do not want to spend a bunch on a vice at this time. However , I do want a vice can perform most woodworking chores . As I have only a temporary bench at the moment (plan on building a woodworking bench) This vice does not or will not neccesarily end up on the bench I build.

    The vice is 7" wide and opens 8" max. Looks like a typical woodworking vice.

    Should note that my temporary bench is stationary at the moment and will remain so for the time being anyway.
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    Hi Ron. I'm not much help on the vise, but wanted to welcome you to the clubhouse. I have a 9" vise similar to the one you're looking at, but it's still sitting in the box on a shelf, since I've not yet built a bench to put it on.

    I suspect for $50 you might have better luck looking for a used vise on Craigslist, but some of the other folks here will know more than me about vises. Also, if you put your location in your profile, there may be someone here who knows of something available in your area. The location doesn't have to be real specific, but it's sometimes easier for others to help out if they have a general idea what part of the country you're from.
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    Hi Ron, welcome to the Family

    I think that vice for $24 would be great as a starter vice, but for $50, I don't think I'd get it.

    Woodcraft has >> THIS << vice on sale right now for $17.5

    Whatever you are going to get new, in that price range will be fairly simple and lightweight. Nothing wrong with getting one like that, and getting started, then down the road get a better vice, when you find a good deal, or even get a good used one.

    Mine has to be about 15 years old and I imagine it will keep on going for a long time yet, it is the large Record model 52 1/2, with the quick release.

    My point is that yes it cost something like $125 15 years ago, but per year used, it is cheap, and will keep on getting cheaper each year I use it.

    >> HERE << is a page full of info on vices.

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    welcome ron, and if you can find a good vice on craigslist you would probally get more bang for your buck i have a 9" and can no think of wanting a smaller one hold a while longer for a larger one in my opinion..and like vaughn mentioned it helps to know where your from so that we can help you out better or just drop by or have you drop over for a cup of coffee and some good conversation..
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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    like vaughn mentioned it helps to know where your from so that we can help you out better or just drop by or have you drop over for a cup of coffee and some good conversation..
    Welcome Ron to the family. The above quote from Larry (our ambassador) is one of the truest statements you will ever read on this forum. This man has stopped by more family member's homes than anyone else that I know of. I have a cheaper vise for my first one, it racks if the piece of wood doesn't go all the way across. So cheap generally costs more in the long run.

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    Not knowing where you are, it's hard to suggest something that might be convenient for you.

    But, if you're in the US and near a Harbor Freight, then I wouldn't buy that vise. I'd go with the 94386 at $59.99. 20% off coupons are everywhere, so getting it for $47.99 would be very easy. If, again, you're near a store.

    Not everything from HF is good, and not all is bad. This is one of those gems, and I doubt you'd find anything half as good, even used, for the same price. Skip the 10" blue version, it only attaches via screws. I'd break that off my bench in ten minutes.

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    What is "light duty" about it?
    For $23 bucks, you can't go wrong and it can be a 'second' vice after you are able to buy a fancy HD version.
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    I vote to get the better vise now. If you just starting out and intend to build a bench later, you will find that your enjoyment derieved from a vice that does not rack and damage your wood will be greater than the $25 bucks saved. If you dont have the bucks well then get the cheaper one but be careful. If you are concerned as to whether you will continue in woodworking and therefore are hesitant to puchase a decent vise, well think about this, a good tool will always have a resale value. Bad tools you might as well be prepared to throw away unless you find someone with a white stick.

    BTW welcome to the Family. Hope you enjoy your stay. Stu has done an excellent job of leading you to a page full of joy.

    Oh and be prepared for as many permutations as is possible on this subject each guy has his own view if you have not noticed it already

    For the record mine was handed down free from a friend.

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    I think I have the same thing only it's orange. I bought it at Menards for $25....when you have to close it from being open wide it isn't real smooth, but it holds anything I put in it.
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    Thanks for the suggestions . I really appreciate the advice and will do some more research .before i leap in . Thanks again and i edited my profile to show my location .

    I order quite a bit of stuff from online retailers so after i read up a bit and get some more info i will do a bit of price comparisons.

    i just want to get a decent quality vice for general use but do not want to get something that will be limited in function or of poor quality.

    i will post an update sometime in the future .

    Right now i'm pretty busy doing a lot of exterior repairs and maintenance on my place.
    i built a small shed last year and need to expand it about four feet to make it viable for some woodworking. its just too small right now (10x8 .)

    4 ft may not sound like a lot but it will seem spacious compared to now. LOL. Anyway , thanks again for the welcome and pointers and advice you have all offered.

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