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Thread: DC Mod to Add Planer

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    DC Mod to Add Planer

    Some side by side testing with my G0453Z hooked to my task-specific bagger and the 2HP cyclone made it pretty obvious that to assure myself of not pressing uncaptured chips back into my newly planed surface, I had to use the cyclone.

    The ASTM-2729 makes mods like this really easy. The un-easy part is that the Horizon warehouse near me closed so I had to order fittings online. Luckily I bought extra pipe and stashed it over the rafters for just such an occasion.

    The previous 6x6x4 wyes that fed my lower tablesaw and lower router table.

    Attachment 48842

    I've never been a big proponent of "grounding" plastic duct but, I must admit that this $10 fix cured all static cling. I put wire nuts at spots where I though I might need to take things apart so that worked out.

    Attachment 48843

    I added a 6x6x6 wye that will feed a 6" main between the tablesaw/router table and the outfeed. I'll wye out at 4" to the lower collection point on the RT and then go on to a blastgate that will serve the planer. I'll post more pics once the fittings show up and I finish this up.

    Attachment 48844

    Unrelated but, while I was back there in no-man's-land I converted the larger bandsaw to a single 4" that splits off a 2-1/2" at the table. I had sealed the lower port off with a piece of sheet magnet last Christmas. With all the work I have done since then, the blade port and under-the-table port only let a couple teaspoons of stuff into the lower cabinet. I removed the hose and the 4" tap and just capped the main.

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    UPS was good enough to drop off my 6" fittings yesterday so I took after the planer mod again. My eventual decision worked out with a 6" main extending between the tablesaw and outfeed. I milled some scrap fir and made some brackets to position the pipe where I wanted it:

    Attachment 48913Attachment 48914Attachment 48915

    I ended up with a 6" to 4" reducer to the blast gate. We all know sizes vary on many components we use for DC. Here's a fix from PVC to DC that I have used before. Cut off about 1-1/2" of that white-outside-black-inside stuff from the BORG.

    Attachment 48916

    Cut about 1/8" out of it to reduce the diameter a bit:

    Attachment 48917

    Now it fits in a 4" PVC fitting:

    Attachment 48918

    And the blast gate fits inside it:

    Attachment 48919

    The area to the right of my tablesaw is a no-man's-land of power and DC, jigs and what-not. The Sander wedges in there under a light:

    Attachment 48920

    And I end up with a gated stub that I can put a quick-coupled hose onto for the planer and whatever else:

    Attachment 48921

    Isn't it about time to stop fooling around and make something?
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C. Clarke

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