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Thread: New Cheap Bench Dogs ...

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    New Cheap Bench Dogs ...

    Ok so somewhere , i heard about the idea of using a 3/4 bolt for a bench dog. Well i picked some up to try.

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	48879 They have a nice thick hex head that will easily hold a piece of wood secure on your workbench.

    Give it a try. By comparison to the cost of these or these its a huge saving. Only cost me $4.50

    Still got to get the bench clear to drill the holes.

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    Yep, that is true Rob they are cheap, but don't slip with that chisel you just spent time sharpening and clip that bench dog, you will have to go back to the grinder and then the sharpening stones to fix it

    I use only brass and wooden dogs, cause I've been known to slip with a chisel or saw.
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    FWIW you can get 3/4" dia. polycarbonate rod from McMaster Carr for $6.81 ft. plus shipping. So you can get six 2 inchers for around $1.25 each. Practically indestructible, won't nick your tools. Drill a cross hole in them and put in a dowel or roll pin so they won't slip thru the hole.

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    Cool i dea Roger thanks for sharing that. Another place i can get the plastic rod is my new plastic store. I am also set on making some wooden ones with a bullet catch in em.

    Stu just to be clear i would not be using these bolt ones with wood that is lower than the height of the hex head but i do get your point.

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    You can also cut a square from a hard wood scrap, drill a counterbore hole that holds the hex head, and just leave like that or if you have a hotglue gun pour some hot glue and let it cool down. That will hold both pieces together.

    You'll have the strengh of a bolt and the softness of wood, so no problem about chipping your planes or chisels.
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    A simple wood dowel slightly oversized and with a slot cut in the bottom works just fine.
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