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Thread: Its Friday and for the US folks a 3 day week end

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    Its Friday and for the US folks a 3 day week end

    So what in the works for the week end.
    I'm gonna try to wrap up the church build, Race from Atlanta Sunday night.
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    tryun to get a small lumber order ready ,,headed for the east delivery. and to get some parts cut out for another quilt rack.. basically gettun things caught up and me ready for my best time of the year, archery season!!! 36+yrs of it and still lovun it
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    Gotta get the boat ready. I'm thinking I should be able to get it cleaned up enough this weekend to get it licensed and ready to roll next week.

    Might also put together a mobile lumber cart w/roof and sides so I can get my lumber out of the garage and free up some space.
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    sat-work till 6, get home sweep off driveway,(90 feet of driveway) , then powerwash it in prep for sunday. sun-repaint driveway, put the tent back up over driveway, finish sanding last 2 chairs, apply oil to those 2 chairs, polyurethane other 4 chairs. buy fabric, bunting?, and cushion to make 6 chair cushions, make 6 chair cushions, buy some 2x4 and 2x6s to build a temporary bed frame, pickup a mattress as well, assemble the bed, stain it.
    monday-family day

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    Today a meeting, then go to my political party headquarters and make phone calls.
    Tomorrow go to my muzzle loading club and help run and score some events. My tore up shoulder won't allow me to shoot. Shoot.
    Sunday, going to a Methodist church in a neighboring town (I'm Lutheran) and deliver a mini-sermon of thanks for an organ they donated to our church. Afternoon, get in some shop time and yard work. Evening going to a friends house for little get-together.
    Monday? Dunno. Nothing planned. Some shop time and yard work.
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    I can hardly remember what a "Weekend" is, I certainly don't remember what a "Long Weekend is...."
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    Shop time tonight, at a party for the Iowa football game most of the day tomorrow, Sunday is a house fixerupper day, and monday a picinic in the country with just the wife and daughter and hopefully more shop time after that.
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    No auctions this weekend. Bummed out. Might check some flea markets.

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    Taking the kids to get new phones tomorrow. Have a nephew's B-Day party on Sunday. But mostly packing and getting ready for the move. Don't have hardly any vacation accrued at the new job yet, so will be moving nightly and on the weekends until it's done. Have to fit in time to patch walls, paint, and put down flooring too over the next month as well.

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    Heading to Va for a dove hunt Saturday relax Sunday and dove hunt Monday. Wife will be out of town.
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