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Thread: Bench Dog holes UPDATED DRAWING

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    Bench Dog holes UPDATED DRAWING

    I need to knock this one off the list so i need some help and advice please.

    The procrastinator in me has run his course. But the problem is i dont wanna be popping holes all over my bench i will regret later for not having put them in the correct location.

    I am having the same problem with the Deadman leg on my roubo copy cat bench.

    Any tips you can throw my way on where to drill the holes for hold downs and bench dogs.

    I should get Chris Schwarz bookout of the library again and check up on what he says but the last time i had to wait 3 weeks for someone else to return it.

    Thanks in advance for any tips on location i am all set for drilling jig and fixture just need to put the target down .
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    rob you should put in a pic or sketch of your bench and the location of your vice or vices.. that would determine where and how many..
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    Hi Rob,

    As Larry mentioned, knowing the size of your bench & the location of the vice(s) is required to give you an answer. In addition, I'd want to know the travel of your vice(s).

    Personally, I prefer fewer holes in my bench to gather dust -- so I spaced my dog holes at 3/4 of the travel of the vice I'll use them with.

    The key is not to exeed the travel of your vice when spacing dog holes -- otherwise, you'll eventually be working on the board that is sized just right so it misses all of your dog holes.


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    Thanks for the pointers. I will do as Larry said and draw it up now that i have worked out how to use Sketchup.

    Will measure up and post what i have in mind for comments. This is one of the projects i have to get done and over.

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    Ok I have draw out my bench to best of my abilities.

    I would value any input on where to put dog holes. I have not done enough bench work to be able to have a clue.

    There are two vices as show in the drawing as well as a moveable end stop at one end of the bench that one can raise above the bench and put a board against. Need some experienced hands to provide some sage advice.

    Here is the picture of the Sketchup file with guides dimensions etc
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Layout of Workbench for Dog holes reduced.jpg 
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Size:	119.8 KB 
ID:	49141

    Here is the sketchup file its Sketchup version 8 the free latest release.
    Just in case anyone can edit it with ideas.
    Bench Dog Layout on Workbench.skp

    I dont know why but this is one thing i dont know where to put them and i dont want to salt and pepper my bench top given my lack of experience.

    Thanks for any advice and past experiences with these things.

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