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Thread: shaker oval boxes in progress

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    shaker oval boxes in progress

    I've been trying to decide on some Christmas presents and figured Shaker boxes would be a good gift. I've wanted to make some for several years, but I alway put it off.

    I finally gave in and ordered the cores, shapers and enough wood to make a set of cherry from size 0-4 from John Wilson

    I know a guy that sales wood at the local flea market. I forgot he sales thin wood until I was there today and he had some walnut. I bought a bundle of 15, 1/8x4x30 pieces of walnut from him for 4 bucks. He told me he has walnut, cherry and maple in 1/8 inch thickness. He's supposed to bring me some cherry and maple next weekend.

    The pictures are of boxes in progress. I planed a piece of the walnut down to go with the cherry. I've got three boxes started, a #2 and #3 cherry and a #2 walnut.

    Some observations so far. Tiny tacks and big hands are tough. It's harder than it looks to get the wood bent around the form and get it tight. Proper bevel on the end of the band opposite the fingers is important. In the picture of the cherry box, I think my hammer has stained the wood.

    As I go along I'll try to post more progress shots. If anyone's ever made any and has any pointers fire away.


    I got the first box ready for finish. It's a #2 cherry with a quartersawn sycamore (lacewood) top and bottom. I'm pleased with the joint between the lacewood and band for a first box. I got my tack line off just a hair on the lid band. I'm going to resaw some curly maple for the walnut box.

    A question, would you finish the inside or leave it natural?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails shaker box 001 (Medium).jpg   shaker box 003 (Medium).jpg   shaker box 004 (Medium).jpg   shaker box 005 (Medium).jpg  
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    Very cool, John. I don't think I've seen a walnut Shaker box before. Looking forward to seeing the finished product (with all the woods).
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    Those are real nice John. I'd love to try a few of those myself.
    I have the large finger syndrome as well. Always fiddling away trying to get little pieces into place
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    john, feel free to email or call john wilson for additional help he will answer all questions ,,he is great guy..there is a dvd out by him that tells how in step by step form.. from what i can see looks like you could sand a slight bevel on your fingers ,,in the recess rather than a straight cut makes for a smoother feel and its easir in the flat stage than the wrapped stage.. also he uses tooth picks to hold it on the bottom and the top.
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    Thanks Larry, I spoke with John when I ordered. He was very helpful. I got his instruction manual and the article from pop woodworking that he wrote. Both have been very helpful. I also found a couple of videos online.

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