I met a guy today who has some laminated cherry posts. I don't like glue ups for turning, but these would make some very nice bench legs, or other stuff. You could make a massive bench top, as long as it's only 4 feet long. I passed on them. He wants $5 apiece, which is pretty cheap, IMO. If you buy a bunch, he'll lower the price. He has about 50.

He also has a bunch of 17" long 1" thick roughsawn cherry boards. Width varies from about 3 to 6". They look dry and clear. He wants $.50 each for those. If you buy a bunch, he'll lower the price on these also. Cherry at well less than a buck a board foot. These are great for cutting boards or small boxes.

He's located in Fulton, NY, but he might be willing to ship, I don't know. Anyway, if you're interested, PM me, and I'll give you his name and phone number.

I've no interest, other than trying to help folks obtain decent wood at a good price.