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Thread: The Color Purple

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    The Color Purple

    Started out a brown color and took 3 days in the sunlight after turning to size to get the right color of purple.
    My lady customer said think Egg Plant for the color.
    The timber is a piece of Purple Heart.

    Sanded to 400, buffed with Super Fine Steel Wool and applied 6 coats of MINWAX polyurethane the bring out the depth of color and grain.

    The kit is a Titanium Gold Perfect Fit Floral design Half Twist.


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    That is a beauty Les. Sunlight works wonders on purpleheart.
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    Great-looking pen, Les. Excellent work, as always. I must say, though, after seeing all the cast resin eye candy you've been posting lately, this one looks pretty plain. Still, your customer is getting a fine writing instrument for sure.
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    well les i am from the same tribe that your latest castings are more broadway looking. than this one but i know this is made especially for someone the way they wanted it.. if i were to ever get into turning i would like to be shown how by you. in the pen casting part.. your pens are always outstanding..
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    Darn it Les I had a chunk of Purple heart ready to go today...Can't match it go I'll join it. Job well done
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    Beautiful Les....simply beautiful....very nice!

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