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Thread: finished shaker oval boxes

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    finished shaker oval boxes

    Here's a couple shots of the finished shaker boxes. The first one is of the walnut with a bookmatched curly maple top and bottom. The finish is lacquer. The second is the walnut with the two cherry boxes. The tops and bottoms are qs sycamore. The finish is oil. I'll add a few more coats to the cherry.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails shaker box finished update (Medium).jpg   shaker box finished 003 update (Medium).jpg  

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    Very Nice
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    nice looking boxes John

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    Those came out looking awesome, John.
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    Nicely done, sir.

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    They came out great
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    Has anyone said "Nice" yet? I go for Nice work, Although shaker boxes are usually Cherry, I love the Walnut/Maple combination. Double thumbs up Thanks for sharing.

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    New to me

    I had to do a search on "Shaker box" to see exactly what it was. I found a very complete step by step on Ron Hazletines site. The ones completed here appear to be a couple of notches above that video. I'm assuming the circular flat pieces are covers for the boxes. It appears that there is a tiny lip made around the edge to hold it in place. This whole project appears to be very delicate work and very well done. Did you purchase the wood or do you have some method to make the wood that thin? I'm assuming there are special tacks that are made to look like rivets when flattened on both sides. Obviously this type of project is very new to me but really looks interesting. Very nice work!
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    I'd have to rate those as the nicest looking shaker style boxes I've seen. Beautiful!
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    Great stuff John. The wood combinations are a cool variation on the standard. Where'd you get the copper nails/rivets?
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