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Thread: Thornbeys tongue oil

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    Thornbeys tongue oil

    I am finishing some drawer fronts and I figured I would try some tongue oil as a finish.

    Are you supposed to put a pigment in the tongue oil or not? I am just shooting in the dark here, experimenting I should say.

    I am putting it on some clear fir and 'sand'(whatever that is) plywood which are both very light.

    I wanted a nice clear satin finish.

    Are there any tricks to tongue oil?

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    Sounds disgusting.
    But if you are wanting to try tung oil, that's a whole 'nuther critter.
    If you buy some, read the labels carefully. There is "tung oil" and there is "tung oil finish".
    Pure tung oil is just that, nothing added.
    Tung oil finish has additives and is only paritally tung oil.
    My experience is with pure and only on gun stocks. It applies nicely and benefits from application with the bare hand as the warmth helps it soak into the wood. Tung gives excellent moisture protection and is very durable when cured. I have never tried to achieve a high gloss finish with it and, by preference, left it a natural semi-gloss or what some call "oiled".

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    I used it years ago on a pretty non-descript armoire out of Birch ply and aspen. I just used it clear so I cant help on the tinting question. The finish has held up well - no complaints there. It's a nice satin finish. But it goes on extremely thin. I had to use about 7-8 coats to get much of a finish build up.
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    Homer Formby's Tung Oil??

    Julio, I presume this is the product you are inquiring about? Homer Formby's Tung Oil. It's been around quite a while and gives good results IMHO.

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