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Thread: Bandsaw ZCI Kerf Jig

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    Bandsaw ZCI Kerf Jig

    Some of you may know Bill Huber. He posted something like this to make the slots in your BS ZCI's safely. Took about 10 minutes to make and now I have a stack of ZCI's. The original insert used pegs to keep it aligned. I'm not sure they are required but I epoxied in some short "pegs" of 10 ga. copper wire in a few of them to try out the idea.

    The jig is a piece of scrap with another scrap screwed to it as a miter bar. Cut into the ply for a few inches to mark your path. Bill used double stick tape to hold the blanks. I used a circle jig to cut out the blanks so I just used it to outline the cup and routed it out with my Colt. Drop the blank in the cup and slide the jig into the blade as far as required. Remove newly cut blank and repeat ;-)
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