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Thread: I need help

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    I need help

    I want to build a miter saw stand with fold down arms. I'm sure everyone has seen different plans, there are several available.

    Anyway, every one I've seen calls for 3/4 Baltic Birch, I know what the difference between Baltic Birch and regular plywood is, and agree and appreciate that Baltic Birch is flatter and more stable.

    My problem is that even though I live "half way between Purgatory and Heaven" I cannot buy Baltic Birch. There are two local lumber yards and neither carry it nor will order it for less than 10 sheets.

    So my question is what is my alternative? Would MDF be a good choice? If so would 1/2 be enough, or should I stick with 3/4, which is extremely heavy.

    Would a hardwood plywood ie: birch, oak, maple etc be better than regular plywood. I cannot get plywood in a better grade than CDX or AC.

    Thank you for any all suggestions.

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    I built mine with 1/2" scrap for the fold down wings and 3/4" scrap for the swing out supports. Here's a link to my thread about it.

    I can post some updated pictures if you need some.

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    Any good hardwood, good one side will work just fine, I, stick with 3/4 ".
    Remember one thing though in todays markets 3/4" plywood is realy 11/16" DAMHIKT
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