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Thread: Delta jointer 37-220 table removal

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    Delta jointer 37-220 table removal

    I have an old Delta/Rockwell jointer 37-220 that I want to recondition. However, I can't figure out how to take the tables off. I noticed in some of the other posts that some of you have reconditioned your own 37-220s. Any help, (dos and don'ts) you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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    I did a quick Google and it brought up a number of sites with parts breakdown and references to other forums where this subject was discussed.
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    none of them go into any detail about how to actually remove each table. They talk about removing paint from a table or what rust remover to use or how their rebuild went but no specifics about where to find what bolt or, better still "this is how I reconditioned my 37-220...

    I've looked at the schematics in the owner's manual but the drawings are quite fuzzy and again, no actual details about table removal.

    Then again, the internet is a big place. If you run across something with details please let me know.

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    On most jointers, you remove the bolts from the gibs and just lift/slide the tables off.

    The real trick is putting them back on and realigning them. That can get tedious. Jointer tables sometimes sag with age (don't we all! ), and will require shimming of the gibs to restore them to co-planarity. Use regular shim stock if you have it. Otherwise, strips cut from a beer/soda can work well.

    How about some pictures of your restoration project as it progresses?
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    Thanks Jim! I'm away on business for the next two weeks but once I get back I'll try your suggestion. Appreciate the help.

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