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Thread: wine cabinet for my nephew

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    wine cabinet for my nephew

    a while back one of my nephews asked me if i could build him a wine cabinet. when i asked him why he wanted me to build it for him, he said that now that he was getting older, he wanted to have something that was nice, hand made, and would last a long time. so i sat down with sketchup, and after about a week or so (work kept getting in the way), here's what i came up with. i included a rendered version too. his wood of choice is walnut. i added the maple highlights in the rails on the doors, and the trim around the serving tray. the surface of the serving tray is going to be copper. before it comes up, let me say that i couldn't find any good knobs or pulls for this, so there aren't any.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails wine cabinet left.jpg   wine cabinet right.jpg   wine cabinet back.jpg   front doors closed.jpg   wine cabinet rendered.jpg  

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    Can't wait to see the build
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    It's a great looking cabinet.

    One thing to note with your nephew, although a lot of wine producers are going to the synthetic corks and bottles can be stored upright, the ones with the natural corks will need to be drink more quickly when stored upright as the corks dry out.

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    I made a similar bar for my Dad 40 years ago. My oldest son has it now.
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    if ya nephew dont want it, you can ship it out east.
    Ill trade ya for it. You can have my nephew.

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    Dan great design i would just change over where the glasses hang and where the wine is and make the wine lie down inside the cabinet. Hang the glasses on the door the hinges will love you too.

    How about a bit of a curve to the whole front and add a little challenge to the doors to match the curve.

    Check out this link with all the images.
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