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Thread: Hollowing Rig Laser Question

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    Hollowing Rig Laser Question

    I was using my monster hollowing rig today and the laser light started to get dim. It has been getting dim over the past couple times ive been using it but today it lost the light totally. So, i thought it may be in the wiring. I checked it all and everything seems to be correct.
    I have my laser hooked up from the adapter with a setting of 3 volts (picture below) to a pigtail connector (picture below) wiring is one is a solid black wire and the other has a white stripe - comming from the laser the wiring is the same (one solid black and one with a white stripe). I restripped the wires and tied them twice today and still im getting nothing .............
    Any thoughts or maybe the laser is just shot and I just need to get another one.................?????

    Thanks Dan
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    Not sure what's causing the problems, Dan. I had a leaser emitter go out on me a few years ago. I'd suggest just contacting Randy and seeing what ideas he might have.
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