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Thread: Counting down

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    Counting down

    Stu, Darren, Sharon, Lori....

    this one's for me, but it's all Your fault.

    Lori, the LOML has been very busy this summer, and has lost significant weight and inches. I was at the state fair the other day, and wound up volunteering at the Masonic Safety ID booth... where they had a commercial grade weight display. I stepped up on it expecting to see a significanly higher number than I did, which was 310lb. I'm at the 98th percentile for my BMI, so I have a long weigh to go ( )
    SO I'm embarking on a reasonable goal of 60 lbs by the end of spring. I still have to go get a physical done, and figure out the physical side of things... but that's the phase 1 goal. It gets me down to 250lbs, and then I'll reset for the rest of the way down to my 'ideal' of 200 lbs.

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    Go get 'em, Ned! It'll be a great gift to yourself, and your family, too.
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    Good for you Ned!

    There is one simple exercise that you must master to lose weight.......

    ..... Put both hands firmly on the table and then push yourself backwards away from the table, stand up and go do something other than eat......

    I've got that one fairly well covered.

    I would strongly suggest that you join up at

    It is what they call a Recording Diet, it is 100% free, and they have apps for the iPhone and the Android as well, it is very easy and for me it was VERY eye opening just how much I was eating. I'd honestly say this has been 80% of my success so far, the other 20% is fitness.

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    Good going Ned you now have figured out what you need to do & just need to figure out the fine points.

    I only need to lose 5-10 pounds to be back at my high school weight 175 pounds I think its closer to about 6 pounds but the real problem is instead of a 36" waist I am between 37" & 38" I need to re-arrange things a bit. Part of this is because of a back injury. I need to figure out how to change this.
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    Way to go Ned!

    I honestly haven't been tracking mine lately. I know I've lost a little just by the way my pants are fitting, but I had started working out and actually gained wait from the extra muscle mass. I'll be losing some just over the next month from the move and work I have to do, been way too lazy lately.

    Stu, Thanks for the heads up on the andriod app, looks like the one I used to use on my ipod, should help...signing up now.

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    Go for it Ned! I dropped 40 lbs in 6 months just by changing my eating habits. Once I realized that three meals a day is a social norm, not a physical need, I was on my way! I still need to drop another 15, that will be through exercise - that's the hard part for me. I find exercising very boring.
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    if your height are 7 feet then your weight are close to idea

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    thanks all...
    I'll look into the sites, and the app, though the ipod touch is on my christmas wishlist at this point....

    Ray, so you're saying I'm not overweight I'm under-tall?

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    Good going. Now you have inspired me to get my little peep headed closer to the mouth of the snake . It's been kind of stalled lately, however proof that I was able to keep off what I took off so far.

    I guess with fall/winter coming, I can get back to more regular indoor exercising rather than pretending that getting outdoors was good enough

    Good luck to you

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