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Thread: Met some wonderful people last night

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    Met some wonderful people last night

    Had a visit from Larry & Randi, and an added bonus of his brother Dennis and wife Deb.
    With our big family the wife and don't get a lot of time to socialize with other people but we sure wish we lived closer to these folks. Four of the nicest people we've ever met.

    Gave Larry the obligatory shop tour just to prove to him I actually have one . Larry made close contact with the duct work that hangs pretty far down from the ceiling in my basement several times. After awhile you usually get to know when to duck My wife is getting used to hearing a bang, a few choice words and getting a band-aid ready.

    I was also honored with the coveted FWW round tuit. Up to this point I've only seen pictures of this rare item
    The visit was all too short. After a dinner of Pizza they were off to the Antique show. I hope that we can meet up again soon.

    Almost forgot. My garage seemed to grow a beautiful pile of Michigan Chocolate while they were here. Thank you Larry for hauling it all the way from Michigan. I hope that I can do justice to it. Marilyn is already claiming it for herself. No kids projects this time

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Name:	100_3768 (600 x 400) michigan chocolate.jpg 
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    Something else I almost forgot, The Ambassador shamed me into learning how to sharpen and try a few hand planes. It's next on my list. Honest.
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    Wonderful people indeed, and with a chocolate bonus. That must have been a enjoyable meeting.

    Now you've got some chocolate to bite on, when are we going to see something made out of it.?
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    So Thats why the ambassador's been so quite. Ain't it fun when he comes to town, and you got all that Michigan chocolate as a bonus.
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    Gotta love the family meets!

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    Very cool, Bob. Glad you got a chance to meet the Ambassador, and will be looking forward to seeing what that chocolate becomes.
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    All righty then, they made it out there Yep folks don't get much better then those 4 Great you got the opportunity to meet up Bob and enjoy that chocolate, he sure finds the good stuff don't he

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    Can't do much better than meeting the Ambassador. You can all blame him as to why I'm on this site (and Tom and Toni and Bill)

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    Yep they are good folks for sure.

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    Well now Bob thats good news. Now you have had a taste of the Ambassador.

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    well bob it was our pleasure to be able to meet you and drop of some left over chocolate just be sure to show us what you make out of it.. and his cileing are to low for the likes of me
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