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Thread: 12volt combo kit choices

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    12volt combo kit choices

    I'm torn between Bosch and Hitachi. I haven't used either. Have a Hitachi miter saw for many years and it's great. I have a couple of Bosch reconditioned and they've worked out great. I like the design of the Hitachi (stands up) and read great reviews; but, the other Bosch tools I have are the best in my shop. Has anyone used both and have a preference? Likes/dislikes?
    By the way, my work is light duty and I have other drills/drivers; but, this would be my first and only impact driver.
    I appreciate the insights.

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    I can't speak for the Hitachi - never used one - but I have the Bosch 12v (really 10.8) compact drill, driver, and impact tools, and they've become the most used tools in my shop. My 14.4v Dewalts, and my Fein drill hardly ever get used anymore.

    Battery life on the Bosch is good, and the Lithium batteries hold their charge well over time, unlike NiCads.
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    Interesting. I have a Makita impact driver and it is hardly ever used.

    Kind of partial to Bosch stuff myself.
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    Bill, I've had the compact Hitachi set (impact driver + drill/driver) for a year and a bit, and I think they're fine for my home hobbiest usage.
    However I have no experience with the Bosch.

    I do like how light they are compared to my old NiCad 12v drill.
    The impact driver is pretty good. I've driven 3" deck screws into 2x6 boards when building the ice rink in January, and it works fine. I don't think I'd drive all day with it, but then I doubt that's what you are looking for if you buy a lightweight unit like that.

    I wish that the drill/driver had a few higher rpms, but that's when I'm trying to use it for drilling. It's really just a driver (has a hex head), and though you can drill with hex-shank drill bits, it does NOT excel at it. Far better to use a regular drill for that and leave it to driving screws.

    Great set.
    But again, no experience with the Bosch to compare.
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    Hate to say it, but I got one of those porter cable 4 tool kits, (Circ, Recip, Drill, FlashLight). Was at our other house and a thief had kicked in the back door. I thought he had stolen all the tools I had down there that I needed to fix the door. In reality, he had stashed them in a garbage back to come back later to get. So I bought the kit for like 199$.

    I've actually found all of the tools pretty useful except for the flashlight...

    Don't use them much, but when you need something and an extension cord is a long way away, well, they do come in handy.
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    Don't have a lot to add about the question Bill. I see you joined a while back and didn't get a proper welcome so...welcome to the family!

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    I ended up with the Ryobi Recon kit....Light, saw,reciprocating saw, drill driver, and bag, 2 batteries and charger, I think it was 129.00 US

    but nothing but great news with the Ryobi

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