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Thread: video - bench from one board (in one piece!) Mike Jarvi

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    video - bench from one board (in one piece!) Mike Jarvi

    Just found this video linked off of make magazine:

    This documents the process used by Mike Jarvi to make a steam-bent bench from one piece of wood. I'll warn you that it's 15 minutes long! But wow, what an interesting process. He makes it look easy now, but wow I bet it took a long time to develop the process!
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    Wow...that is a great video. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for that Art, Mike has ALL the toys
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    That was great
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    That was really cool.
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    That shows a high refinement of a great idea. Beautiful, thanks for that.
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    Thanks Art for sharing and the 15 minute warning.

    He sure has his setup sorted out for what he wants to do. When he first started i had no idea what his work was all about. I was thinking workbench and saw the slap and i said to myself wow hes gonna make a bench with wet wood that thick. Now i have to say I am embaressed

    Great work he does. I looked at the gallery of pics and fantastic pieces. I bet he dont go hungry when you do woodworking like that.

    What a great advert for the WoodMizer saw guys. Oh i wish I had one of those and lived on 5 acre wooded lot.

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