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Thread: Numbers..... GOOOD Numbers....

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    Numbers..... GOOOD Numbers....

    I just wanted to share this with you all.

    You know I've been changing my lifestyle, I refuse to call it a diet, as every diet I've ever been on, I've fallen off and got fat again

    This is truly a lifestyle change

    This last January I had a health check up, the full nine yards, barium x-rays etc etc.

    I weighed 136kg/300lbs in January 2010, now I'm 119.5kg/263lbs

    I've still got a ways to go, eventually I want to get down to 80kg/175lbs, or another 39.5kg/88lbs, sounds like a lot, but when I started, I had 56kg/125lbs to lose!!
    I figure it might take me a full two years to get down that low, the last 10 to 20 pounds can be hard to shed.

    There are two other numbers I can compare today;

    First is blood pressure:

    was 135/78 now it is 128/68

    second is my size around the belly, right over my belly button:

    Last January 133cm/52.4" and now 124cm/48.8"

    I think this is a significant improvement.

    I have to wait a week or ten days to get the blood tests etc results, they will mail them to me. Today, the doctor that I talked to after the health check was finished, she was reviewing my charts from January, compared them to today, and boy was she impressed that I'd lost that much weight since January. I then told her that I'd not started this lifestyle change until June, so it was not in 9 months, but in THREE months!! I also told her that the reason I was getting the health check done over was to just check everything to make sure I was not losing too fast, or causing myself any problems, she was not concerned, of course, pending my blood work.

    She REALLY wanted to know my secret, I told her about the MyFitnessPal iPhone app, (which is what they call a "Recording Diet" in Japanese) and the great support I get on that website and the tools available there, as well, the ease at which I can record what I eat, and the awarness that it has given me to serving size etc has really paid off. I also realized how much processed crap (I won't call it food) I was eating before, so much junk out of cardboard boxes

    The real secret, I told her was that "I" decided to change my lifestyle, that I am NOT on a diet, but I've fundamentally change how I live my life, as well as my relationship to food, and exercise.

    I could tell she was really impressed, and she told me to make sure I come again in January, she was very interested to see me again, and compare notes.

    My point of posting this is that I know sometimes we can get a bit hung up on the numbers on the scale, I tend to plateau for a week or so, then drop again, but there are other important numbers, my blood pressure improving that much, and my belly size decreasing that much really do mean a lot to me, even if my scale seems to be stuck sometimes

    I know my health has improved a lot, I took a long bike ride recently, 61km/38 miles, and I did NOT die!

    I'm heading down to visit friends for a big BBQ party on Sunday, I'm leaving Saturday night around 8PM and riding my bike down to Zushi, that is about 65Km/40 miles. I have the route mapped out on another iPhone app, called iMapMyRide. I also have lots of lights, one of those reflective safety vests too, I'll use my iPhone like a GPS. Should take me 3 1/2 hours of steady riding, stop every hour and get off the bike for a few, and have a light snack. I'm really looking forward to it, just to do it, 4 months ago, I would have NEVER thought I could ride all the way down there!!

    Emiko and Mizuki will be driving down, and I'll hitch a ride back to Tokyo with them on Sunday night. I won't even have to worry that much about eating a bit too much at the BBQ

    Back to the health check, I'm also really interested to get back my blood work, certainly none of my numbers were that bad, I mean I was not put on meds or anything, but they were not in the "Healthy" range for sure. I hope to see an improvement in those numbers too, and if today's numbers are any indication they should.

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    Keep it up....or should I say 'down'?
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    Good to see things are going so well for you and your lifestyle change...very inspirational.

    I'm looking forward to getting out of our town-home and back into our own place with lots of work to do. I can tell the lazy lifestyle I've had over the last year has taken a toll, so will be nice to be active again.

    Thanks again for pointing out that MyFitnessPal had an Android app. It's pretty much just like the LoseIt app that was only for the iphone, but I think it's got some different features that will come in handy.

    Enjoy the bike ride and bbq this weekend.

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    Way ta go Stu and nice report.
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    That is great Stu. You are doing something wonderful for your family and yourself. Congratulations and keep going.
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    Way to go Stu you inspiring me to change to. keep at it. I always thought Japanese food was supposed to be light and healthy though. You been snacking in the shop too much?

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    A big

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    Way to go Stu! (I need to get back on the wagon )
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    Strong work Stu!

    Keep at it.

    Tough but worth it.
    Don Orr

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    Well done Stu.

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