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Thread: Pool table slate suppliers?

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    Pool table slate suppliers?

    Hello all,
    Looking for suppliers of pool table slate. So far I've only been able to locate one online, but I am sure there are others out there. Anyone have any ideas besides google?

    I have found but the slate is going to cost around $700-$800 shipped I maybe better off just buying an old table and reusing the slate?

    any help would be great.


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    I once was searching for slate for anothe purpose and found several mining/fabricating wholesalers on line. They didn't seem fussy about who they sold to at wholesale prices. They were all in Maine.
    Try Google, the answer to everything.
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    Thanks Frank. I found a couple of mining places and will call on monday. I started combing Craigslist trying to find one I could reuse. I also tried to call a couple of billiard\game suppliers in the area to see if they would have anything I could reuse, but they were closed (saturday afternoon). A good friend of mine worked for one in college and he said they always had beat-up tables from bars and homeowners that were moving.


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