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Thread: music stand - up and down mechanism?

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    music stand - up and down mechanism?

    I was asked to consider making a music stand by someone at church.
    I've done some googling and I see a few workable ideas. But I'm wondering about the whole "up and down" mechanism. Your basic metal music stand (see attachment) is dead easy to raise and lower with a friction mechanism. I don't think I can really duplicate anything like that.

    But perhaps there's something out there that I don't know of, so I'm asking... Does anyone know of a good "up and down" mechanism that would work with a wooden music stand?

    ps: I'm thinking of something like this for a wooden stand.
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    Art if you Google "Sam Maloof Music stand" you will get several examples of how he made his. Id post some here but most appear to have a copywright
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    I dont know of any mechanism, but Ill offer my amateur opinion and view.
    If you make a mitred column, hollow in the middle, then use a piece of lets say 6/4 square, drill holes at different heights, and put a peg attached with a piece of decorative chain to the column, the stand will be adjustable, and all wood except for the chain holding the peg. Just an idea.

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    Art, as far as I know the metal stands like the one you showed have a nylon insert around the inner tube that acts similar to a compression fitting on a copper pipe, except it's tight enough to do the job with just friction, and nothing that tightens the "fitting" beyond that. Another approach would be to copy a microphone stand, which has something like a collet in the bigger tube, and a threaded sleeve that tightens the collet around the inner tube. It could be done in wood, but you'd need a way to cut male and female threads in the wood. I wonder if you could find or make a brass sleeve to go over a nylon collet, which would then tighten around a wooden inner post. Barring that, perhaps the holes and pin that Allen mentioned would be the most direct method.
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    The base could have 2 rectangular vertical wooden supports that hold a single piece of wood that supports the desk.
    Having a tongue on both sides of the single piece that slide in a groove on the 2 bottom pieces would make a simple column. Fixing the height could be done with a pin and a series of holes, a wooden set screw, or some means of pulling the tops of the 2 bottom pieces together.

    This link shows the assembly instructions of a wooden music stand kit.
    It should be possible to simplify the construction.

    Those Sam Maloof stands really are intricate. From the internet search I saw that Sam died last year in May at the age of 93.

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    The older one's I have seen are close to what Paul shows. 2 boards at bottom and one sliding in the middle. Couple bolts with nuts to tighten it down at the height you want.

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