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Thread: Zinsser Shellac Date Codes

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    Zinsser Shellac Date Codes

    I noticed Zinsser started using date codes instead of dates. I emailed for an explanation of the code. Here's the response:

    Thank you for your recent e-mail.
    We apologize for the delay in this response but your e-mail was not properly routed by our system.

    The batch code on the shellac should always be a 6- or 7 digit number, beginning with a letter. For example: S01231D

    The first number after the letter will be the last digit in the year of manufacture
    The second character will correspond to the month; O, N or D for October, November or December, otherwise the single number for the month.
    The third and fourth numbers will relate to the actual day of the month.

    In this case a batch code reading S01231D will have been made in the year 2010, in the month of January, on the 23rd day.

    The Bullseye Shellac will have a shelf life of three years.

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    date info

    Thanks for the info. I just bought some & noted the code instead of an expiry date & was Googling to get to Zinsser, but found it here. I've actually used their products well beyond the date with good results.

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