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Thread: blanket/toy chest plans needed

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    blanket/toy chest plans needed

    We recently added another grandson to our tribe and is now beginning to make extended visits. Since there is an unlimited supply of good quality clean used toys available, this kid is NOT hurting for playthings. When he is here there are toys all over the place....and thats ok. But when he leaves....I want my house back! I'm quite certain we have finished our tour of duty with little grandkids after this one so only toys relevant to his age will be kept. So what I'm saying is I don't need a toy box the size of a dump truck. What I am looking for is a picture/plans/suggestions for a toy box that would be strong enough to allow an adult to set on. It would be used in the entry way to set on to put shoes on/take boots off, etc. I guess a padded top would be a plus. After the little one no longer has an interest in toys the box could be used for general storage/blankets and possibly place at the end of the bed. Any ideas????
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    Try a google search for wooden blanket or storage chests, lots will pop up and many are free plans. Good luck with it Ken and look forward to seeing what you come up with

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    New Yankee Workshop has several nice ones.
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    Ken, I can't help you on the plans. But I would recommend these hinges from rockler I've used them and they really work well. They are kind of pricey.

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