I have a late 1800's old farm house. Not that I blame all the recent repairs on it's age. Spent the day digging out an old grey water drain. The old caly tile was partly collapsed and we had a few back ups into the basement plus the stone foundation was leaking in he same area. Borrowed a backhoe and got it dug out. Spent the day smelling like an old sewer. Going to put in a section of plastic S&D pipe plus a drain tile.

Last week a pipe under the vanity sprung a leak and we didn't know it until we couldn't close the bathroom door because the floor was swelling. The vanity is ruined as well as the tile floor and some trim. Looks like a major bathroom overhaul will happen soon.

Of course the wife and kids managed to break 2 or 5 legs off the dining room table while I was away building a barn. So that's in the barn for a long needed refinish and repair.

As I drove the backhoe over today I looked wistfully at the local river and remembered that when one retires yer SUPPOSED TO GO FISHING ONCE IN A WHILE!!! I can't figure out how I ever got anything done when I worked a regular job..............