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Thread: A new "tool" and back to the woodshop

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    A new "tool" and back to the woodshop

    The last three weeks have been filled with getting my little ones ready for school, family commitments, friend commitments, still looking for a job, 2 new exchange students, counseling some other students and of course paying attention to the needs of SWMBO during her most stressful time of the year.

    Now that it's all settled out I have a new "tool" to replace my 1994 car (warped head/blown head gasket) and 1990 truck (identified as a gross polluter). Both not worth fixing. I keep my cars till they die and let my wife have the new ones.

    The 2003 Dodge Dakota quad cab with a 4.7L V-8 and 40000 miles. I have to put a bed liner and work rack on it. Hopefully it will make it another 13 years or more like it's predecessors.

    Now back to the woodshop.

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    Dan Gonzales
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    Congrats, Dan. That looks like a sweet ride. Lumber hauler and kid hauler all in one nice package.
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    Great looking truck Dan. I always like the looks of the Dodge.
    I had my trucks bed liner sprayed on by Linex. 2 years of hauling lumber and hardly a scratch.
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    Ace hardware and other big box stores sell the do it yourself bedliner kits. That is one good looking truck. Congrats.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    good for you dan,, looks like anice ride and room for all of your family as well
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    Nice ride Dan. Ya my wife and I are the same way. Drive them till they drop.
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    Congrats on the Dodge.
    Good to know I'm not alone in the 'keep 'em until they completely wear out' school of thought.
    My previous truck was a 1977 Dodge I kept for 23 years and over 500,000 miles. Floor was rusted out, lots of fun in winter. Summer too, that dust coming up was special.
    Current one is a 1999 Ram. Unless I hit the big lotto it will be my last truck. Currently nearing 150,000 miles. I would like to get a small kicker car for better fuel economy though for everyday driving.
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    Regarding the bed liner: If you're having someone else do it, I can't recommend "Line-X" highly enough.

    I've had it in my Toyota Tacoma for the past five years, and it's just about indestructable. It still looks like new.

    My neighbor got Rhino installed in his truck at about the same time, and he's been back for repairs twice that I know of. Both were about the same, pricewise.
    Jim D.
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    Good looking truck you have. I have been looking for an older truck in great condition. No luck yet. We have 3 cars in the family with a total of 369,000 on them. All 87 and 88 models; they're just getting broken in. Real cheep and reliable transportation--why look for newer?


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