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Thread: Router table and drawers

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    Router table and drawers

    Here's some pics of the first four router table drawers.

    I will be cutting the back panel off I think, I was originally thinking a full height drawer but because of of it's narrowness it would be hard to reach in for the bits so I went for the shallow height drawer sides.

    The box joints came out pretty good I think and even though its only pine fir front and that cheap "sand" plywood the contrast looks kinda nice. I am using a tongue oil finish for the sheen. I have the second coat drying.

    various pics of the box joint.
    Attachment 4476

    Attachment 4477

    The burl on the side is actually very smooth, it looks rough in the pic but it has an interesting burl happening.
    Attachment 4478

    all four drawers, I need two or three more.
    Attachment 4479

    This is the cabinet with the pine fir face frame.
    I used a Bench Dog track atached to a rabbet on the front edge and a Roussou router plate.
    I am using a Hitachi M12V router(its a sweet machine)
    (The two horizontal peices in the space for the drawers are just spacers)
    Attachment 4480

    The height of the router table will be the same as the table saw, it becomes a side 'extension' if you will.
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