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    Products worth

    I got to thinking of this. I know that most products are formulated differently to do different jobs, What I have noticed over the years a lot of exterior products are formulated to suit a particular region. I bought a hi end paint years ago that had a great proven track record for holding up for many years up north. I used is down here where we get high humidity in the summer and Mildew grew on the surface because of the high oil content in the paint for protection up north.
    Now there are varnishes that perform differently in various regions. Like Minwax marine varnish, in the south for teak wood on boats works great.

    But in the north on say a Mahogany exterior door, it may last a few years.

    Any one have any other observations they care to share.
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    Well Dave it seems my reply went into cyberspace with the forum server seeming to go down.

    So i will try again. Fine woodworking Magazine issue 205 had a test done where they were testing outdoor finishes over different parts of the US

    If you a member of their online side you can access the review here.

    I dont remember offhand the findings.

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    One word: Epifanes.

    Best outdoor finish I've ever used. Expensive, but outlasts so-called Spar Varnishes by about 3:1. Developed for the wooden boat folk, but very usable on doors, outdoor furniture, etc.
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