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Thread: Shop Safety Week

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    Shop Safety Week

    I know it aint the official safety week but nothing stops us having a family safety week just to keep it up front in our minds.
    I thought given some pm discussion i have had with new members that we could have a post to raise the issue of safety in the shop and have a bunch of us regulars either add to this thread and link to prior info you know exists to highlight the issue in our shops and how we have tackled them. Try to keep it going for a while by mining some of our existing data here and linking to it.

    It sure has helped me become more safety concious on every front to be able to hear the talk hear.

    So to start with i will make a list of the issues i am thinking of that we could all elaborate on in this thread.

    • Air safety Dust collection for this of course reference source is Bill Pentz. Dust masks of a reusable nature and face guards.
    Glens recent drill press thread for dust collection at the source

    Alans mini cyclone build thread.

    Alans Building a cyclone to fit my needs

    Vaughns Hot Rodding a HF Dust Collector

    Vaughns More Vital DC Modifications
    • Hearing safety as in using ear plugs or sound proof earmuffs.
    • Electical safety as in on off switch access
    • Machine operation safety re the use of push sticks, splitter, blade guards, hold downs
    • Fist aid kit in the shop
    • Restricted access to the shop by kids
    Ok so anyone can add and take on a topic. I have covered a few dust collection ones that to me were very significant.

    Look at this like a review of past seasons, just to get the fall program in the shop going.

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    Safe chemical handling and storage, easily reachable fire extinguishers and phone with a 911 speed dial button (mine is low to the ground and right next to the door to outside per safety recommendations I read; in case you have to get to it under adverse conditions), adequate lighting, an organized and uncluttered work space to avoid bumping, tripping, tipping-over and stumbling-into-like accidents. Protective not-in-use storage for things with sharp points and edges, floor mats for leg fatigue and saving that just sharpened chisel from a fatal drop.
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    Phone in shop in case of emergencies. Fire extinguisher and hearing protection. are my key issues.
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    Don Orr

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    safe lifting of heavy materials would be a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Orr View Post
    "...and the most important safety rule is to were these. Safety glasses."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    "...and the most important safety rule is to were these. Safety glasses."
    Right on Rennie !!
    Don Orr

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    No more than 6 cocktails per guest on Handgun and Hand Grenade Night.

    What? Oh wait...that's a Raiders football game. My mistake.

    One that I'm pretty religious about is to never have a hand or other body part in the path of a sharp tool. Saw blades are pretty obvious and easy to remember, but with things like utility knives and chisels, I always look at the cut I'm making and picture what would get cut if the tool slips. If it's me that would be getting cut, I find a different way to do it, either by running the tool in a different direction or changing how I'm holding the workpiece.
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    Stand to one side or the other of the work piece (when possible) when cutting on the table saw to avoid being the target of a kick-back.

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    Don't have small childern in the shop when using the major tools, like table saws.they can distract you at the wrong moment and your finger comes off to quick. Don't ask how i no this.

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