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Thread: Serving trays for family and friends

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    Serving trays for family and friends

    I made a bunch of serving trays (nine!) as gifts for family and friends. The first picture shows one representative tray and the other picture shows all nine.

    The trays are six sided, with a sunburst of waterfall bubinga in the center. The accent strip is bloodwood (on most of them) with holly stringing. The edging and sides are walnut.

    Although not shown, the backs are 12 sided sunburst of claro walnut.

    These take quite a bit of time to make. There's just a lot of steps in the process.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Trays-1.jpg   Trays-2.jpg  
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    As always Mike, beautiful work! The recipients of those trays are indeed fortunate.


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    What can I Say. they are outstanding.
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    Lucky recipients! They are receiving some beautiful work. I hope you enjoyed making them.


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    Oh man, those are some kind of awesome, Mike. Definitely top-shelf work. Your veneer work never fails to amaze me.
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    Wow, just don't cover it Mike

    I pity the fool who even spills something on one of those
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    I agree with Stu. Wow just doesn't cover it.
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    Yeah Mike how does one describe your work or even comment on it. Best i can manage is amazement.

    Beside the veneer work, they all interlock. I would not like to see my version of the basic tray as far as interlock is concern. I wont even go near the veneer.

    You sure a cut above in the skills department. Way to go Mike i am happy we have you posting here so we can benefit from your experience.

    Mike can you share with us a little of how you went about making one. I would like to simply get a handle on the process and the sequence of stages. Right now i am trying to think where one would start.

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    Beautiful work Mike. I just caught up to this thread (I need to check my search filters). I really enjoy the look of the center veneer work. The figure almost seems liquid.
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