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Thread: Poker Chip Rack (dealer's)

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    Poker Chip Rack (dealer's)

    The fine looking project by Dan Mooney - poker chip rack - jogged my memory that I was supposed to design and build one or more - dealer chip racks - for my son. I had surely forgotten until I saw Dan's rack.

    My son builds poker tables and he ask me about making nice wooden dealer racks but I'm having problems visualizing just how it could be accomplished. The rack is set in the table cut out so it will need a flange and the plastics that can be purchased are slightly sloped toward the dealer to keep chips upright and that would be best. According to him the wooden racks he has seen are not sloped. Ideas welcome, especially for cutting the chip grooves.

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    Use a solid piece and a forstner bit and drill them cut the pieces in half on a band saw. that way you make em two at a time
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    +1 on the drilling with forstner bit then cutting in half. When I drilled my rack I had to use an extension on the bit to drill deep enough.
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    or you could take and run them on a table saw with some 8/4 stock at angle and cut to length you need after wards..
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